In a previous post, we discussed some misconceptions millennial women have about the WMU. The problem isn’t that the WMU isn’t making an effort; it’s that young women of the church don’t know about the effort that is being made. That being said, I’d like to take a moment to elaborate on 3 ways young women can be involved in WMU.

1.) Attend your church’s WMU monthly meeting.

Ok, so this sounds really anticlimactic, but the truth is that you can’t really know what your WMU is doing if you don’t attend the meeting. And here’s the best part: meetings aren’t really a big commitment.

Most local church WMU chapters meet once a month for about an hour. That’s only one hour out of the whole month! One hour to fellowship with other mission-minded women in your church to discuss missions efforts in your community and around the world. It’s not a Bible study, but a meeting for women of the church to strategize ways the local church can carry out the Great Commission.

WMU monthly meetings are the place where you’ll learn about the efforts your WMU is making to share the love and message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how you can be involved. It’s also a place where you can suggest ideas that you’ve come up with. And those old ladies who are regular members? They tend to have money and pulling power. If you have an idea for how your church can carry out missions, than the WMU meeting is the place to find sponsorship and support.

2.) Lead a WMU education program.

The WMU has a missions education program for every age group in the church, but a common problem at the local church level is that there is no one to lead these programs. But take a look in the mirror and you’ll find a perfect candidate to be the leader of one of these programs.

Missions doesn’t always mean traveling to a different culture with a different language and sharing the message of Christ under extreme conditions. In fact, often times it starts at home. See, if trends continue, then less than five percent of the generation after us will take missions seriously. And that’s a serious problem.

But if we take time now to teach and inspire the kids in our churches about missions, then that statistic will change. And young adults of faith are the ideal leaders of missions education programs because we have more impact on the next generation than anyone else. My mom use to tell me that I should always be careful about what I say and do because my little sister was watching. And watching my sister grow up, it’s true. Because of our nine year age gap, she acts more like a 19 year old than a 9 year old.

The generation after us looks up to us. So how amazing would it be to make a real impact in their lives? We are the future of society for our parents, but they are the future of society for us. If we change their hearts, we’ll change the worlds.

Here’s a list of programs the WMU offers that you can be a leader of and make an impact:

  • Mission Friends (If you have a passion for preschoolers, this is the program for you)
  • GA’s or Girls in Action (This program is for girls grades 1-6 to inspire a passion for foreign and domestic missions. They learn about a foreign missionary each month while participating in a domestic mission project.)
  • RA’s or Royal Ambassadors (This program is for boys grades 1-6 to teach them how to be servants of Christ in their church while learning about foreign missions.)
  • CA’s or Children in Action (This is a program for both boys and girls grades 1-6 that accomplishes the same goals of RA’s and GA’s without splitting the genders)
  • Acteens (This program is the junior high and high school equivalent to GA’s)
  • Challengers (The junior high and high school equivalent to RA’s)
  •  Youth on Mission (A missions-education program for the whole youth group that includes not only missions opportunities and education, but Bible study as well.)

3.) Start or Participate in a myMissions program.

WMU has a program designed just for college aged women. It’s three main focuses are on faith, community, and missions. This program can be doe in a group or individually. The leader guide is fairly inexpensive (about $4 an edition) and it helps relate the articles in the WMU magazine Mission Mosaic to the lives of young women in the church.

This program is designed for you. If you can’t lead another program, and you can’t attend the monthly meetings (or can but want a more personalized missions experience) then myMissions is the way to go. You’ll learn about foreign and domestic mission efforts and hopefully be inspired. The Bible lessons will help your grow in your faith. And how cool would this be to experience with your friends?

There are no excuses now.

Now you know the opportunities that are available to you. There isn’t a reason not to serve now. So do your research. Meet with your WMU director and find out when monthly meetings are and what kind of programs your local WMU sponsors in your church. Volunteer to start one of the children or youth programs. Ask for help in starting myMissions. You have the resources, you just need the courage to use them.